The Finest Steps in the Beginning of Online BettingThe Finest Steps in the Beginning of Online Betting

The well-known slot games provider is one of the oldest and expert developers of high-quality slots for the gambling industry. Simulators offer a carefully designed interface, bonus games, free spins, a risk game. What makes the gameplay quite attractive and allows you to claim major winnings.

Brand History

It was founded by a group of businessmen in 1999 under the leadership of Tony Macaslan. Since 2012, part of the NYX Gaming Group Ltd holding company, this has become a huge impetus for development. Additional financial injections made it possible to take a leading position in the market, replenish gambling sites with new, high-quality video slots. In the same year, NextGen was awarded a high prize and named the “Best Social Games Provider”, and in 2014 won the “Special Achievements” nomination. Since 2017, NextGen has been a member of the New Jersey gambling market through an agreement with PokerStars. The company also concluded a contract for the supply of virtual devices with the popular Wunderino platform.

As a basis for development, the online games provider takes the principle of maintaining a balance between the introduction of innovative technologies and the support of classic developments.

Key Features of NextGen Slot Machines

Numerous reviews by gamblers and companies that are testing and evaluating the operation of gaming software of online casinos positively characterize the work of NextGen slots. Among the main advantages are:

High-quality graphics and animation design

  • The presence of a mobile version and adaptability to modern devices. Owners of smart devices can profitably pass the time in transport or in a long queue for exciting slots.

  • Available in multiple language modes.

  • They have a high percentage of return. RTP from 93% to 98%.

  • Generous bonuses and the ability to start the game with low rates. That is why many gamblers choose NextGen slot machines. After all, playing in them is quite realistic to break the big jackpot by making a small monetary bet.

Gaming software is based on 128-bit SSL encryption. This allows gamblers to doubt the safety of personal data and ensure their security before third parties access.

NextGen company

All NextGen software is licensed by a reputable UK regulator. Products are available through browsers and desktop versions of slots for desktop PCs, as well as on mobile


Today, gambling by this developer is presented in the most popular and reliable casinos.

Additional features of NextGen slot machines

NextGen slot machine reviews typically feature the following slot functionality:

Select A-Play – the gambler has the ability to choose the type of bonus: you can increase the number of spins by reducing the multiplier, or increase the coefficient by reducing the number of free spins.

Auto Wild – the ability to independently control some characters. The option allows the player to expand the functionality for an additional fee, expressed in downloading additional characters that make the game not only more fun, but also more profitable.

SuperBet – increased odds and free spins for an additional fee.

Wild – repeated spins that are activated if the previous rounds did not bring bonus points.

Original bonus features are available only in new versions of simulators. Before a real money game, it is important to carefully study the functionality offered by the slot and test the capabilities provided by the developer in the demo version of the slot machine.

Over the course of its existence, NextGen, a leading developer and supplier of gaming software, has launched more than a hundred high-quality games with good performance and a high return rate. Judging by the choice of users on popular gambler sites, the most exciting and profitable simulators of the company were: Bingo Billions; Doctor Love, Dragon Drop, Crocodopolis, Gorilla Go Wild, Millionaires Club, Medusa, Shields 300, The Snake Charmer.


The Slot machines and Your Options for the Best GamesThe Slot machines and Your Options for the Best Games

Slot machines have a lot of interesting features that distinguish them from other brands. This company specializes in the production of video slots for virtual and terrestrial gaming sites. Gamers love the games described by the manufacturer for a number of reasons, they will be discussed later.

Why do players prefer slots?

The developer has his secrets on how to make cool gaming software. Although the portfolio is modest, the games are of high quality, interesting graphic solutions and laid-back sound. The multi-currency gaming masterpieces, the bonus system, a wide selection of bets and a wide range of settings are also impressive.

Game specifics

  • Great quality.

  • Generous bonuses to all players.

  • Great chances to win.

  • The constant appearance of interesting new products in accordance with user requests.

  • Many graphic ZD elements and perfectly matched sound.

  • The ability to play directly in the browser.

  • Excellent integration for various mobile gadgets (phones, tablets and others).

  • In the production of video slots, HTML5 technology is used.

  • The platform easily adapts to various online casinos.

Slot machine review from

In general, the described company has a lot of advantages. Despite the relative youth of the provider, there is only 7 years (formed in 2012), he has already won the recognition of millions of gamers. All thanks to the modern approach to a difficult gambling business.

Overview of slot machines from

The described brand has a non-standard approach to the production of gambling software. Since the company has a modest portfolio, it is constantly expanding its gaming assortment and striving to make a quality product. The video slots have more and more fans who come to the casino just to try their luck in their favorite gambling games. You do not even need a stationary computer, just a mobile phone with the ability to connect “wi-fi”.

is still young, but has great ambitions and plans for the future. While it is difficult for her to compete with the giants of the gaming business, but this manufacturer is trying hard. The list of game products is expanding every day. Therefore, the number of fans of this provider is also growing daily. It is also worth taking into account honesty towards gamers and transparency of payments, as this is a guarantee of winning money, regardless of the size of the winnings.

Also, thanks to the use of modern technological solutions, the company’s products are adapted for gadgets. Let’s make a short review of slot machines from Push Gaming and the organization as a whole.

A bit of history

The main office of the enterprise is located in the capital of Great Britain, and it was here, in 2011, that the developer of Push Gaming prepared its first game for mass release. By 2016, the provider Push Gaming “released” into the world more than 20 games of various thematic genres and slot machines with progressive jackpot.

It is worth noting that the organization’s staff totals only 10 people, but as can be seen from the constantly growing rating of the company, the number in no way affects the quality. Such an indicator would not have been achieved without the vast experience of the leader.…


The Ways of Betting for the BeginnersThe Ways of Betting for the Beginners

Many newcomers are worried about the question: how to register at the casino and what can it turn into? How are things with the safety of personal data deposited on a deposit of funds, whether passport data are needed and what is the procedure for returning money.

And the main question: is it worth registering at all? After all, you can play for free to any visitor to the site. So let’s try to figure it out.

Benefits for registered players

If you register on the casino website, you will immediately receive several advantages:

  • Bonuses are awarded for a free game with a real opportunity to win prize money

  • You can participate in tournaments with other players, where you win not only against slot machines, but also real people

Participate in casino promotions where it is possible to win the jackpot or win the lottery. Feel real excitement and joy from real gain. You can win only by registering. By the definition of a win, it means a real victory, expressed in a certain amount of money, and not a virtual substitute, which after a while bothers. And only by playing for real money, making bets and taking risks, you can truly learn to win.

Registration process

How to register in an online casino? This is a simple process and most importantly fast, fully protecting your personal data.

In general, the following stages can be distinguished:

  • Go to the casino website where you intend to open an account.

  • Fill in the fields.

Be sure to have a real email address on the Internet, because you have to fill in the fields:

  • Post office

  • Password

  • Nick, by which they will recognize you on the site

  • First name, last name

  • Date of birth

  • Telephone

There are sites for registration on which, you only need to fill out the first two fields. But then in order to withdraw money from the casino, you will have to go through a verification procedure where passport data and a card number may be required.

Register on the casino website

In any case, you should not be scared, and this is not a tricky way to lure personal data. If you register on the site of a proven online casino, then all data and money will be protected. The gaming establishment itself takes care of this, and their safety issues are in the first place. All these actions are aimed at ensuring that the client’s funds are not stolen by attackers. Customer trust is the casino’s main asset. All registration steps are simple, intuitive and have a menu in Russian.

If you have questions or ambiguities, you can contact the support team, where all problems are resolved promptly.

Sign up bonuses

There is a program in any institution: register at a casino and receive money. Yes, this is a procedure to attract new customers. But no one forces you to receive bonuses. You can take them, play only on them, and if you manage to win, then safely withdraw the money.

  • All online casinos with a bonus for registration. Without such a “chip” gaming establishments now cannot be found. But when choosing, you need to look not at the bonus, but at the reputation of the institution.


If a casino with a no deposit bonus for registration, then this means that you can not deposit money on a deposit. You can have money in your account and play exclusively for bonuses. The player does not have any obligations with respect to the institution, and in the future he is not obliged to deposit money and play on this resource.…


Slot Machines for Your Perfect BettingSlot Machines for Your Perfect Betting

Slot machines Thunder Spins online can be found in a variety of virtual casinos. This slot can be attributed, if not to the dying, then rather rare kind of direct followers of the very canonical, one-armed bandit. While most developers are doing their best to at least somehow diversify the monotony of their slots, adding special effects, custom fields, multi-level bonus systems to them, the Thunder Reels slot machine goes a completely different way, observing all existing slot traditions as much as possible.

In this review you will find the secrets of the Thunder Spins slot machine, as well as a number of descriptions of its distinguishing features, the understanding of which can increase your chances of success.

Slot features

Being the creation, the Thunder Spins gaming slot is different from most of the same type games of the recognized giants of slot building. This is both good and bad. It’s bad because someone will miss the usual elements, good because it can be an opportunity to look at the slots the way the developers of the very first machines of this genre wanted.

Thunder Spins gaming machine is a relatively new game that implements old mechanics with small additions. Its RTP is 96.13%, which is a good indicator of the generosity of the slot. The risk level is estimated by most experts as medium, which means that you can get good dividends without having to pour large amounts into the slot and spending several hours. Unusual for modern gamblers, the matrix has a dimension of 3×3 and supports 5 lines, the number of which cannot be changed in any way.

Since the game uses a modern technical base, it will run perfectly and work on any device, whether it is a desktop PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Winning combinations

Slot machines Thunder spins online

So, how to win at Thunder Spins slot machine? Like in any other bet, place a bet, crank the reels and hope that a winning combination falls on them. Fortunately, these same combinations are not so many, given the small number of characters available:

  • Symbols “X” in a row on one line will increase your money three times

  • Oranges, cherries, lemons and plums, falling in the amount of three pieces on one line, increase the player’s bet eight times

  • The three “Bar” characters, combined, have a factor of 12

  • Stars will further enhance your mood and improve the state of your account their triple loss will increase the bet by 40 times

Traditionally, the most profitable are the three “sevens”, which increase the money delivered by 150 times.

Characteristics: 3×3 matrix, 5 pay lines, no wild, no doubling game, RTP 96.3%, moderate risk.

The Thunder Rotation slot machine does not have a wild or a doubling game, however, if you manage to fill all 9 reel cells with the same symbol, you will not only get a good win on all five lines, but also double it. Unfortunately, such a “trick” only works with “fruit” cells.…


Betting and the Progress: You ChoicesBetting and the Progress: You Choices

Betting site is one of the leaders among developers of slot machine simulators. The company is the world’s leading independent provider of innovative gaming software.

Brand History

Many gamblers know firsthand about the slot machines of this company famous in the gambling industry. From the very beginning of its journey, which began in 1999, Betting site offers truly high-quality software.

The developer Betting site showed a good breakthrough in its development in 2005, moving to the creation of “high-tech” gaming slots. In 2007, he began to apply three-dimensional graphics in his work, making a splash. After the discovery of animation effects, it is considered the leader in the development of 3D gaming machines. Since that time, simulators have become a kind of interactive multi-story with fascinating stories and various functionalities. It was during this period, having mastered in a record time a new visualization style in the industry, the studio introduced its innovative Slots3 series with a three-dimensional graphic effect to the gambling industry.

The next bright moment in the development of the Betting site provider happened in 2012. At this time, the platform was launched, which made it possible to adapt gaming slots without losing image quality and animation effects for mobile devices. Since that time, users have the opportunity to enjoy their favorite online machines through gadgets running on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Despite the fact that during its existence, the company was able to thoroughly study all the subtleties of creating software for gaming machines, and today it continues its rapid development.

Throughout its existence, Betting site has gained acceptance of gambling users.

Based on the reviews, the following positive features of the company can be distinguished:

Big game library

In addition to original products, the developer also offers numerous classic gambling games: roulette, poker, blackjack;

High-quality software using 3D effects

Each new series contains innovative developments that make the game even more fun and profitable;

The presence of manufacturer slots in all major online casinos

Detailed reviews of slot machines from the site can be found on popular gambling venues, which is an indicator of high quality and demand;

The presence of its own platform, adapted for mobile devices

Thanks to this, gamblers can enjoy their favorite game anywhere. Today anyone can play slot machines from this bright manufacturer through a browser or mobile device, as well as download the desktop version of the game they like on their computer.

Slots from the Sets

Why are Betting site slot machines so popular?

At the moment, the developer offers gamblers more than 150 of their slots, many of which are very popular. The reasons for the demand are as follows:

  • Serious company policy, the basis of which is the release of only innovative high-quality gaming slots.

  • Unsurpassed appearance of Betsof slot machines.

  • Rich bonus content. RTP from 90% to 98%.

Judging by the numerous reviews of gambling players who have managed to test Betting site gaming slots from their own experience, the most interesting and famous simulators of the company were: Boom Backs, Diamond Dreams, Sushi Bar, Treasure Room, The Bees, Viking Age, Gold Diggers, Fruit Zen, The Slotfather, Birds, Mega Glam Life.…